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After its foundation and the launch of its website in 2008, the GSU initiated communication with governmental agencies, central banks, corporate and academic entities, etc. In 2009 it published its first Briefing Note. This led to a series of consultative dialogues and a high number of supportive endorsements from around the world:



In a world of considerable exchange rate volatility, there is much merit in this initiative of the GCU exchange settlement mechanism to act as a stabilizing tool when conducting cross-currency trade and investment.

  If implemented as proposed, this should indeed provide a long lasting solution on problems relating to international trade and investment for the whole world.  

We laud the objective of the GC Union to develop and implement a global, apolitical and non-geographically-based payment settlement mechanism to facilitate increased global trade and investment and thus facilitate the creation of wealth.

Rundheersing Bheenick,
Ex-Governor, Bank of Mauritius



Dr. Perks M. Ligoya
Ex-Governor, Reserve Bank of Malawi      



Diwa C. Guinigundo
Deputy Governor, Bangko Sentral NG

Your initiative for an introduction of the Global Currency Unit (GCU) is quite interesting. We, at the Bulgarian National Bank are convinced that the constant search for new solutions to address weaknesses and shortcomings in the global financial system is of interest to all.


Your overall aim to find a way to reduce currency exchange rate risk in cross-border trade and investment decisions is indeed a worthy one.



Your action to develop a new payment settlement facility to minimize the risk from exchange rate volatility is innovative and laudable.


Kalin Hristov
Deputy Governor, Bulgarian National Bank
  Sir Mervyn King
Ex-Governor, Bank of England

Fai-nan Perng
Ex-Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)



Besides establishing a widely read newsletter with more than 10,000 recipients, the GSU gained coverage from the international media:


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